Knox Masonic Lodge 639 Presents Donation to Community Services of Starke County Food Bank

Anthony Manning, Cecilia Torres and Scott King

On Wednesday, January 12th, Knox Masonic Lodge 639 presented the second installment of $200.00 to the Community Services of Starke County Food Bank to help replenish supplies to the pantry after the holidays. The Masonic Lodge had donated $200.00 in November to help with Thanksgiving Day supplies.

Cecilia Torres was very thankful to the Masonic Lodge for their very kind contributions to the pantry and said all donations are greatly appreciated.

“It is very important function of our organization to be able to give back to the community, especially to people in need,” said Scott King, newly installed Worshipful Master for 2011.

Anthony Manning (former Starke County Chamber Director) also said, “We hope with our continued fundraising efforts this year, we hope to match this amount for 2011.”