Starke County Food Inspector Finds Food Establishments Operating on Expired Permits

David Kesvormas

One-third of the food handling businesses in Starke County are operating on expired permits. That fact was presented to the Starke County Health Board Monday night by Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Alexander.

That fact was discovered when going over the list of businesses to be inspected by new contract Inspector, David Kesvormas. Kesvormas told the Board that when he inspects a business that is operating on expired permits, he is notifying them and urging them to purchase the proper permit without a fine.

It was discovered that the ordinance covering this permit is out-of-date. The Board voted that bring the ordinance up-to-date, and insert a $250.00 fine for non-compliance.

It’s expected the ordinance request will be brought before the Commissioners at the March 7th meeting.