Ted Hayes Remembers Jesse Clabaugh; Friday’s Show to Feature Ben Lipke

Ben Lipke and Donna Brown prepare for the Grand Opening of the Five Star store

Hope you listened to the first “Ted Hayes Remembers” Friday. Ted will be in again this Friday with another interesting story from out of the past.

“You have to go clear back to 1943 for this one,” said Ted. “On this day, Jesse Clabaugh, the Community Defense Director during WWII, called for a black-out test for the county. Everyone had to turn their lights out in case of attack by the Germans. Jesse Clabaugh was the grandfather of our own Nancy Dembowski.”

The Caboose located in front of the Knox Nickel Plate Train station was moved into place on this date in 1997. Coordinated by Jim Shilling, it’s now located on the rail bed near Wythogan Park.

Ted’s Friday guest this week will be Ben Lipke, who in 1964 opened the Five Star store. Ben was involved until 1987.