‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ Program to Feature Broadcast Buddies

Ted Hayes and Harold Welter

When two young men begin careers together they don’t always look down the road thinking they’ll work with each other almost a half century. This week’s Ted Hayes Remembers program will feature “Broadcast Buddies”, Ted Hayes and Harold Welter.

Ted and Harold have worked together at two stations over 43 years. This week they’ll remember some of their radio highlights.

“Our first job was at WRIN-AM in Rensselaer and I’ll never forget the first fair we worked together,” recalled Ted. “The boss sent us out to interview a guy by the name of ‘Captain Stubby’. I asked him, ‘What’s unusual about this fair?’ He said, ‘These must be pretty rich farmers, Ted. I came onto the Fairgrounds and the first thing I spotted was a manure spreader with white wall tires!’ Where do you go from there?”

Ted also remembers some flubs made on the air.

“Harold was a city boy and we used to read a lot of our copy live,” explained Ted. “I’ll never forget the first time he read the piece of copy for a farm chemical called Golden Uran. At least ten times he pronounced it. You can imagine what he said.”

Harold and Ted, the “Broadcast Buddies” for 43 years, will reminisce about their broadcast careers tomorrow on Ted Hayes Remembers. It will air at 12:20 and at 5:30 p.m. CT