Clarence Marshall Opposes Jeff Houston for Knox City Clerk-Treasurer Seat in May Primary

Clarence Marshall

We continue with our introduction of the primary candidates to you today. Clarence Marshall is a Democrat candidate for Clerk-Treasurer for the City of Knox. He’s a lifetime resident of Starke County, primarily living in Knox.

We asked him to talk about his background.

“I worked at the Rudd-Shepherd dealership for 36 years and most of those years I was the Service Department Manager,” explained Marshall. “I did leave for a couple of years. I worked at Automatic Music for a few years and also Ed’s Auto Parts.”

While not ever seeking an elective office before, Marshall said that he would work hard and seek training to run an efficient office. He said he thinks serving as Clerk-Treasurer would be a good way to pay back the community for what the community has given him and his family.

He said he sees great things happening in Knox over the next few years, calling it “a great place to live.”

Recently, Marshall has been working as a park employee. He says the community can be rightfully proud of the parks, especially Wythogan Park.

“I can’t say enough about the City Park. That is something that the City should be proud of. In the short time I’ve been there, I get goosebumps because there are people come from out of town that compliment us on how nice the park is.  I’m not going to say it’s overlooked, but it’s something that the whole City can be proud of and I want to make it better yet with playground equipment or whatever I can do to help.”

Clarence Marshall, a candidate for Knox City Clerk-Treasurer in the Democrat Primary on May 3rd. He will be running against Incumbent Jeff Houston.