Knox Elementary Students Visit Starke County Museum

Mrs. Shaw's third grade class visits Starke County Museum. Ed Hasnerl (L) is pictured in Civil War clothing

Nearly 150 Knox Elementary School third grade students visited the Starke County Museum this week to learn more of the history and the people of the area in which they live. In the annual trek to the museum at 401 South Main Street in Knox, the home of former Governor Henry F. Schricker, seven classes each spent an hour with volunteer guides and watching local history videos.

A third grade student from Mrs. Shaw's class stands next a photo of Che Mah who was the world's smallest man and who made his home in Knox

One of the teachers, Mrs. Susan Shaw, tells us why she has the kids make their annual visit and what they remember afterwards.

“It’s important that they learn about Starke County history and our museum,” said third grade teacher, Mrs. Susan Shaw.  “They are super excited about the two-headed calf and Che Mah.  They find different things that they’re interested in.”

Students from Mrs. Shaw’s class had a work sheet to fill out as they examined several of the exhibits. In addition to students from Mrs. Shaw’s class, there were groups from the classes of Mrs. Wallsmith, Mrs. Libey, Mr. Minix, Mrs. Pitts, Mrs. White and Mrs. Wendel. Next month, a number of first grade students will visit the museum.

Photo provided by Jim Shilling.