Manager of Holloway Motel US30 & Five Others Arrested In Meth Drug Bust

Holloway Motel

The Holloway Motel has been evacuated and condemned after a huge drug bust Friday. In the course of serving a warrant on a person at the motel, Starke County Police detected an odor commonly related to the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

Cheryl Paschen
Kimberly Hurley

After obtaining a search warrant, the county police, along with units from Hamlet and the Indiana State Police, discovered an illegal methamphetamine lab. Arrested were Mathew Schoff, Cheryl Paschen and Kimberly Hurley.  They face preliminary charges ranging from Manufacturing Methamphetamine to Possession of Paraphernalia.

Freeman Spelts

The police then executed a second search warrant on the manager’s office and living quarters and found precursors commonly used to manufacture methamphetamine, plus marijuana and several other controlled substances. The manager, Freeman Spelts, was arrested as was Tracey Gaideski.  Spelts and Gaideski have preliminary charges ranging from Neglect of a Dependent and Possession of Methamphetamine to Possession of Precursors and Paraphernalia.

In searching the rest of the motel, the officers found another meth lab. In the rear of the motel, they found a pick-up with two mobile meth labs. Arrested was the truck owner, Timothy Clark, who has a preliminary charge of Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

Child Protective Services took an eight year old male child into protective custody.

Starke County Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Alexander, has condemned the motel until further notice.