Starke County Courthouse Elevator Remains Under Construction

Starke County Courthouse

Work continues on the elevator in the Starke County Courthouse. Carl Goodrich told WKVI that they’re waiting for the elevator and parts to arrive so the elevator can be constructed.

The old elevator in the Courthouse needed to be modernized and brought up to code. It had not been updated since it was first installed in the Courthouse. A quote from Oracle Elevator in the amount of $62,971 was approved by the Starke County Commissioners for the purchase of a new elevator.

This week, the Commissioners approved a proposal from Montgomery Construction in Knox for $5,000 in order to build an equipment machine room for the mechanics of the elevator. The room will be built in the basement right next to the elevator and construction could begin next week.

It could be a few months before the elevator is installed. Goodrich said once they receive all the parts, it could take approximately six to eight weeks to assemble the elevator.

This disruption has prompted the Starke County Clerk’s Office to conduct absentee voting on the first floor of the Courthouse. Inmates and the general public attending court on the third floor of the Courthouse have no choice but to climb the three flights of stairs to attend hearings.