Fifth Grade Choir Spotlighted during Knox Community School Board Meeting

Maria Hasnerl, Chastity Reed and Riley Hart were only three members of the choir who appeared at the School Board meeting to receive certificates

Elementary Principal, Glenn Barnes, brought in members of the fifth grade choir to be recognized during last week’s Knox Community School Board meeting.

“He brought in some of the the fifth grade choir to receive certificates and the Board got to see a video that Miss Guzman and the choir students put together where they sang three of the songs that they have been practicing,” said Superintendent A.J. Gappa.  “Keep in mind that the fifth grade choir is not a requirement and it’s not all the fifth graders. It’s a volunteer group that came in early in the morning one day a week for the last semester on their own time to practice and pick out songs. They did a nice job singing on the video they presented to the Board.”