Gayer Explains Purchase of “Mango Tango” Charger

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer

The Pulaski County Commissioners discussed with Sheriff Mike Gayer why a vehicle was purchased without their approval. Gayer said that he was under the impression that, because the vehicle is a necessary tool to the Sheriff’s Department, it fell under the type of purchase that did not need approval from the Commissioners. Gayer also stressed that he was not trying to circumvent the system and he meant no disrespect, and he purchased the vehicle  as inexpensively as possible.

While Commissioner Michael Tiede said he felt a Chevrolet Malibu would have been a better choice of unmarked squad car in terms of gas mileage, Gayer defended the choice of the “Mango Tango”-colored 2011 Dodge Charger. However, the $23,000 cost of the vehicle is posing a slight problem, as the funds that were supposed to be appropriated for the purchase of the vehicle were inadvertently placed in the wrong fund.

“Apparently, the council, when the budget for 2010 was approved, the money to purchase automobiles for the Sheriff’s Department was put into the Cadget fund as opposed to being put in the Sheriff’s fund. The Sheriff’s Department operates on two funds, the Sheriff’s fund and the Cadget fund. Monies in the Cadget fund cannot be used for purchases of cars, it can only be used for upgrades to the actual building itself and those type of issues,” said Gayer.

Gayer emphasized his efforts to stick to a budget and conserve money. Ultimately, the Commissioners told Gayer that this matter will have to be brought to the County Council, who will then be asked to move the appropriations to the proper account.

“Hopefully the Council will see the error that was made and move the money to the appropriate account in order to get the car purchased,” said Gayer.