North Judson-San Pierre 3rd Grade Class Tours Starke County Museum, Courthouse

Dan Roscka tells the students some of Starke County's history

Mrs. Ridley’s third grade class from North Judson-San Pierre Elementary School took a tour of the Starke County Museum in Knox Tuesday morning. The tours were given by Marianne Gappa, June Golding, Peg Brettin and Dan Roscka. Dan Roscka told the students about the time capsule that was opened during the County’s Sesquicentennial.

“You know what? It was destroyed,” said Roscka. “There was a bottle of whiskey in that time capsule and it destroyed everything. There is one picture in there that they were able to salvage. I’m sure there was information about the papers at the time, the Commissioners at the time, the politicians at the time, and all of that was destroyed. When they replaced that time capsule, they sealed that up and there’s no whiskey in there!”

The students also had a chance to tour the Starke County Courthouse.