The Shore Club to Reopen under New Management

Jane Sheets

After being closed for several years, the famous Shore Club restaurant and bar will be reopened under new management.

Jane Sheets, from Culver, is the new owner, and Ted Hayes stopped out at the Shore Club yesterday to take a tour. The carpenters and painters were working hard to get the place open by May 23rd.

“We’re really excited about banquets and opening the restaurant,” said Sheets. “We have a chef that started at Disney World and was there for eight years and he’s been on both coasts. I found him teaching culinary school at Ivy Tech. He will be our head chef in here. We have an excellent group that we pulled together to get everything ready to go.”

Sheets was asked about purchasing the Shore Club and bringing it back to a restaurant.

“My parents really encouraged me a lot with The Shore Club and have been a tremendous amount of help. They spoke about it and about looking at it and we came over one day last fall, looked at it and started going through things and what we could do here. We got a lot of positive response from people at Bass Lake and the surrounding communities so we moved forward.”

The Shore Club was actually a residence before Jane Sheets purchased it. So they had to get the property re-zoned.

“They had put a couple of bedrooms in here and it was a residence. There were some walls that had to come down and some walls that had to go up to get it back to a restaurant and banquet center.”

The Chef will be Troy Mc Kee.  He was asked about the menu.

“It will be an American based cuisine with French and Asian influences,” said McKee. “It’s sleek and slim but they will be running quite a few specials daily and on the weekends also.”

Nora Boyd, of Knox, will be the bar and floor manager.

“I’ll be mostly in the bar area and I will be managing things and work with the waitresses,” said Boyd. “I’m going to do volleyball tournaments out here at the Lake over the summer. We’re going to have a lot of cool specials and new drinks at the bar.”

Even though they’re pointing toward a “quiet” opening on the 23rd, the Memorial Day weekend will hopefully be open for the crowds that will want to see it, and enjoy the food and drinks.