Airport Data Issues Presented to Pulaski County Commissioners

Several citizens of Pulaski County approached the Commissioners with a slide presentation detailing many issues and potentially false figures with the proposed airport expansion project. The presentation also argued the reasoning behind the proposal.

One of the reasons that was given for the airport expansion project was that increasing the length of the Arens Field runway to 5,005 feet would decrease insurance premiums for corporate aircraft. In the presentation, insurance premiums are “based on pilot age and experience, history of claims, expected hours of operations.” Also, the Airport Layout Plan states that the proposed action would have no effect on business or economic activity in the project area or local public service demands.

In addition, the presentation mentioned that Starke County Airport, which is also undergoing a proposal of expansion, requires no land acquisition and no road closures. Construction is likely to begin at the end of 2012, and being only 15 minutes away from Arens Field, it is a superior choice for expansion. The ALP also stated that “the closure of County Road 100 West is considered reasonable by the elected Pulaski County Commissioners,” but the Commissioners have not yet given any opinions or decisions on the matter at this time.

Some of the costs listed in the presentation included an annual loss of $111,750 from the local economy, because of the loss of farmland.