City of Knox Joins in Opposition Against NIPSCO Electric Rate Increase

The City of Knox has joined Hammond and LaPorte in opposing an electric rate increase proposed by NIPSCO for electric. The resolution will be sent to the State Regulatory Agency stating the reasons for the opposition.

The resolution is supporting Hammond’s lawsuit against the increase.

While conceding that electric rates have remained steady for two decades, the resolution states that variable rates have continued to increase. It was also noted that NIPSCO customers pay some of the highest rates in Indiana, and that high electric rates rank among the top issues of concern for local businesses and industries.

Finally, it was noted that NIPSCO’s CEO was given a 31% pay increase recently, bringing his compensation to nearly $2 million a year. The resolution asks that he sacrifice during these tough economic times along with the customers his company serves.

The Knox City Council voted unanimously to approve the resolution.