Clean-up Continues at Holloway Motel

Holloway Motel

Clean-up efforts continue at the Holloway Motel. In April, Starke County police discovered active methamphetamine labs at that location. Six individuals were arrested in the raid and face several methamphetamine related charges. The Indiana State Police Clandestine Lab team was called to remove the three active labs.

Clean-up of the affected areas is underway. Starke County Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Alexander, said that there are always small amounts of contaminants that are left behind from a meth lab that may pose health threats to persons exposed to them. A licensed inspector will need to conduct quality tests and once those tests confirm that the area is clean, the motel can be opened. A meth lab clean-up company has been reportedly working on the premises and a supervisor has been overseeing the progress.