Bass Lake Man Injured Seriously By Falling Tree

A freakish storm sent a Bass Lake man to IU Health-Starke County this afternoon. The man, who was identified by a neighbor, as Brian Ball. Mr. Ball was setting up a tent in his backyard when a tree fell on him. Extensive damage was also done to the house, that is located at 5840 S. 600 E.

Jim O’Hara, the neighbor, said he heard a tree crack when strong winds came through, and then he noticed the tree on Mr. Ball. O’Hara raced to the man, who was screaming that his head was injured. At that point the man passed out. After detecting no pulse, Mr. O’Hara started administering CPR, until Ball was apparently brought back to life.

Mrs. O’Hara meanwhile had called 9-1-1 and EMS personnel transported Ball to the hospital in Knox. His condition is unknown.