CADA, KIRPC Asks Knox City Council to Sponsor Phoenix House Expansion

Ruth Matsey, President of the Coalition Against Domestic Abuse, and Edwin Buswell of the Kankakee Regional Planning Commission appeared before the Knox City Council Tuesday night to ask the City officials to approve sponsorship of an addition at the Phoenix House. Since 1995, the Phoenix House has served as a short-term emergency shelter for women fleeing abusive relationships.

Because of flooding in the basement of the home, CADA officials have applied for a Community Focus Fund Grant to expand the garage for storage space.

Buswell explained that because the City owns the house, they need to sign on as the sponsor of the grant even though CADA would be the recipient.

Mayor Rick Chambers agreed to have a resolution ready for the Council to vote on at the July 12th.meeting. A public hearing would then be held on July 19th.