SCILL Center Welcomes New Director

Jerry Gurrado

Jerry Gurrado is the new Director at the SCILL Center in Knox. Jerry is no stranger to Knox and he talks about coming back to the area where he grew up.

“Harry Chapin had one of my favorite songs called “Circle” where he talks about how life’s a circle and it kinda comes back. I was born and raised here in Knox and in those last couple of years of high school I couldn’t wait to get out because there was nothing to do and now in my middle age I find myself back here,” said Gurrado.

After college, Jerry was a teacher and basketball coach, and for the last 11 1/2 years, he’s been in real estate in Northeastern Indiana. At this stage of his life, he says that this is the perfect job.

“When this opportunity came open, I knew there had been some outstanding people that have held this position before. You’ve got Charlie Weaver for a Supervisor who is like Mr. Starke County. Is there anybody more passionate or more of a rah-rah for our community in our area than Charlie? Our Board has been incredibly supportive and the Superintendents that I work with, all nine of them, that I’ve had a chance to speak with. It’s a great opportunity. I haven’t been this passionate or excited probably since I coached. I have experience and background in so many of these things; bringing together school corporations with the business community and working with industry. I just seemed like a perfect opportunity.”

In the first three weeks on the job, Jerry Gurrado has been meeting with school and industry officials.