Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall Rejects Plea Agreements in Hearings held Yesterday

Several plea agreements were rejected by the Starke Circuit Court as Judge Kim Hall turned down submitted agreements from Richard Wilbert, Allen Krock, and Richard Longacre.

A plea agreement was submitted for Krock, charged with Battery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury as a Class C Felony. The agreement would have sentenced Krock to four years in the Department of Corrections with one year suspended. One year of probation would follow his release, and he would be required to complete alcohol and substance abuse programs.

However, because Krock was on probation when he allegedly committed his offense, Judge Hall rejected his plea because he feels Krock is no longer a candidate for probation. His case has been rescheduled for August 17 at 10 a.m.

In the case of Richard Wilbert, Judge Hall rejected his plea because he has a “horrendous record,” and has failed to show up for his court dates in the past. For these reasons, Judge Hall said he will not accept an agreement for a sentence with probation. His trial is set for Sept. 14 at 9 a.m. with a jury status hearing on Sept. 2 at 9 a.m.

A plea agreement for Richard Longacre was also rejected, because the agreement’s sentence was less than the recommended sentence for his crime, Criminal Recklessness after he fired a handgun and the bullet entered an occupied home. The crime carries a minimum recommended sentence of 4 years. Longacre told Judge Hall that he will be seeking a new lawyer because he feels his attorney, Richard Ballard, is not sufficiently representing him. His trial has been set for Sept. 28 at 9 a.m., with a jury status hearing on Sept. 16 at 9 a.m.