Starke County Commissioners Tour Jails

Starke County Jail

The Starke County jail has been identified as the second oldest jail in the state and it is getting some attention by the County Commissioners. Commissioners Dan Bridegroom, Jennifer Davis and Kathy Norem toured two jails in surrounding counties to gain information on how they might configure a new jail in Starke County. The Commissioners visited the Marshall and Fulton County jails yesterday.

County jails are being built differently now than they were 40 years ago and the Commissioners are trying to familiarize themselves with the new ideas before deciding on what to do about the jail in Starke County.

It’s been discussed many times that Starke County needs a new jail, or a complete remodeling of the old facility, but cost has always been mentioned as an obstacle. A new jail could cost anywhere from $11-$15 million dollars.