Economic Summits to be Held in Winamac, Francesville

Two economic summits have been planned for Pulaski County. One of these summits will take place in Francesville while the other is planned for Winamac.

“Economic summits give businesses the opportunity that maybe they don’t get on a daily basis to have government with a local interest let them know what they can do to help them,” said Nathan Origer of the CDC.

Last year, the CDC and the county had put together a strategic plan for the county. One of the recommendations from that plan was to conduct these economic summits, which bring people together from the government to the county level to provide information and discuss other topics. A guest presenter is usually present, and a question and answer session is also conducted. Lunch is provided, and time is allowed for surveys and networking.

The Francesville summit will take place Thursday, Sept. 22 at the Francesville Fire Station. Chad Martin from the Purdue Extension will be present to talk about renewable energy, particularly in an agricultural context. The Winamac summit will include a presentation on “branding your business,” which explains how to attract new clients and other things as well. Jim Walton from Brand Acceleration will make that presentation.