Oregon-Davis Students Return to School

Oregon-Davis Jr/Sr High School

There was excitement in Superintendent Steve Disney’s voice as he talked Friday about the beginning of the school year at Oregon-Davis. The school ended the summer on a high having seen ISTEP scores increased greatly in the 2010-2011 school year. Disney said the staff is building on the momentum of that accomplishment. He talked about walking through the elementary school last week, and feeling that excitement.

“Just walking through the elementary school is phenomenal. As we saw our test scores, and we had test scores in the 90s at grade levels, and we truly believe the work with the teachers and all the staff over there, we think we’re going to achieve four-star school status,” said Disney.

At last week’s school board meeting a retirement of a staff person was celebrated.

“We had a retirement of Mrs. Ruby Minix. She served the corporation for over 13 years, in the elementary cafeteria, and Ruby, we wish her the best in retirement. She’s got some granddaughters playing basketball she’ll probably want to get to and watch,” said Disney.

Ruby is the grandmother of Aubrey and Gabby Minix who are both playing college basketball, and a third grand-daughter Lixie is playing grade school hoops. So Mrs. Minix will be seen in plenty of gymnasiums this fall. She is also the mother of O.D. varsity girls coach Terry Minix.

Only one event marred the first week of school, and that occurred Saturday, Aug. 13.

“We got hit here, so we’ve lost air conditioning at the high school. One of our chillers was hit by lightning,” Disney said.