Ancilla College Recognition Banquet Scheduled for October 6th

The annual Ancilla College Recognition Banquet will be held Thursday, October 6th, on the campus.

During the evening, two important awards will be conferred on a pair of important people to the college. The first award is the Sister Mary D. award given to a person who has shown outstanding leadership in promoting Ancilla College. The recipient of the award is Betty Chesak, of North Judson, who has for many years worked tirelessly to raise money for scholarships through the Alumni Association.

Dr. Ron May tells us about the person who the award is named after.

“Sister Mary D was a very important lady to this college in teaching students here over a number of years, but also in helping the college get its Ancilla Alumni Association started and running for many, many years,” commented Dr. May.

When Betty Chesak was a student at Ancilla College she was one of Sister Mary D’s students. She remembers her today.

“She was a special, special person and I treasured every moment of every day of the class,” added Betty Chesak.

Mrs. Chesak told why she continued after graduation to support the college through its Alumni Association.

“I was always a firm believer of getting as much education as you could get and Ancilla was so dear to my heart, I just kept on.”

As a child, Betty was denied an opportunity to go to college and she always wanted to attend. So later in life she made the plunge, and never regretted it. She told us, “You’re never too old to begin.”

Tomorrow we’ll announce the recipient of the second award.  The winner is also a Starke County resident.