Barn at Plesant View Looking for New Home

Some things may last forever, but the barn at the Pleasant View Rest Home is not one of them. Morry Demarco, maintenance director for the county courthouse and justice center, told the Pulaski County Commissioners this week that the barn is well past its prime, and he’s not sure if it can even make it through another winter.

“The barn’s getting in pretty bad shape; the wind and the weather have taken its toll. We have no use for the barn anymore. The roof’s starting to come off of it; the doors are blown off of it. If there was some use for it at a farm, that’d be great, but just for the few items that’s stored in there it’s pretty well served its purpose,” said Demarco.

The structure is in such bad shape, in fact, that Demarco has been finding sheet metal and wood that has fallen off the barn.

The barn isn’t currently used to store anything except old, unclaimed stuff that has settled there over the years, so there’s no use for it. Commissioner Michael Tiede suggested finding someone who may be interested in taking it because he doesn’t feel the taxpayers should have to pay for the barn to be taken down, but if no one steps up to take it, it will have to be dismantled by the county.