Bass Lake Conservancy District to File Liens Against Past-Due Landowners

Bass Lake Conservancy District Board
Bass Lake Conservancy District Board Members, left to right: Director Ray Mix, Attorney Patrick Lyp, Executive Director Patti Bush, President Bob Lorenz, Vice-President Jerry Broadstreet, Plant Manager Tom Jordan, Director Jerry Taylor.

The Bass Lake Conservancy District Board has announced its intent to file liens against property owners who owe more than $150 to the district as of September 7th. These liens will not be filed until Executive Director Patti Bush obtains all the necessary legal descriptions of the properties she plans to file for liens against.

In total, 113 liens will be filed against property owners around Bass Lake. While this may seem like a large number, 108 liens were recently released after being filed in 2000 because they were outdated and uncollectable. Bush said she has sent postcards with balances due to landowners that owe money to the district, so landowners do have the opportunity to get their accounts up to date before they have to face the possibility of a lien.

In addition, the Board moved to allow Bush to work an additional 50 hours to her current 50-hour maximum this month in order for her to get all the necessary paperwork for the liens to be filed. Bush said this process will take some time because she has to look at each property’s information on a computer in the assessor’s office, which is extremely time-consuming; fortunately, once this information is obtained and added to their electronic records, they will never have to get this information manually again.