Starke County Commissioners Receive 47TR Report from Treasurer’s Office

The Starke County Commissioners received the “47TR” figures from one of the interim employees in the Treasurer’s office this week. That report is sent to the state each month showing that the figures balance with the bank receipts.

In an answer to a question from Commission President Dan Bridegroom, Casey Clark stated they still are not balancing, but “they are working on it.” By working with the Auditor’s office, the monthly figures are now balancing, but they are still off $46,000, according to Clark. That figure is a combination of money that is unaccounted for in 2010, and what she has found back to May of 2011

According to Clark, the State Board of Accounts has instructed her to go back through this year, and find as much information as could be found. She said she is now working on May, and it appears that to balance with the financial software company (Harris), the Treasurer “force balanced.” To date, though, there is no documentation to back up the plugged-in numbers to make the report balance.

“There is a line on the report for a miscellaneous adjustment, but when putting numbers there documentation is needed,” Clark said.

Bridegroom asked if Clark could go back to 2010 once she got solid numbers for 2011 and she answered that that is the plan.

The commissioners, at the time of Treasurer Linda Belork’s removal, said there were “thousands of dollars unaccounted for.” Since that time, a number of corrections have been made by Auditor Kay Chaffins leaving only $21,906 unaccounted for through 2010. By combining that with the 2011 figures, that amount has apparently risen to $46,000. There are still figures that are unaccounted from 2009, too.

Bridegroom complimented Clark by saying, “Thank you for everything you’ve done, and keep working at it.”