Knox Community School Board Approves Employment Changes

Gary Dulin, Jerry Fletcher, Harold Welter, Mary Lynn Ritchie, Kirk Bennett, Nathan Marcum, Mike Yankauskas, Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The Knox Community School Board approved the hire of a new Middle School Guidance Counselor.

“The Board appointed Sonia Hensley to take over the Middle School Counselor position,” said Superintendent A.J. Gappa. “She’s a 1990 graduate of Knox High School and has previous Counselor experience at the Mooresville School Corporation. We look forward to bringing her on board. She will begin on October 17th.

Superintendent Gappa added that the Board approved a transfer at the Elementary School.

“Cathy Marsh, who has been a Paraprofessional for a number of years, has been moved into the Elementary Secretary position and that starts immediately.”