Medaryville Man Arrested on Domestic Battery, Strangulation Charges

Carl Larkin

A Medaryville man was arrested on Sunday after police found that he allegedly hit his live-in girlfriend and attempted to strangle her.

Officers from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department were called to 201 N. Jefferson Street in Medaryville on a report of battery. Officers learned that the victim had come home from the store and found Carl Larkin, her boyfriend, intoxicated and argumentative. The two argued and as the victim was placing grapes into the freezer, Larkin allegedly punched her in the face and then placed his hands around her neck and reportedly began to choke her. The officers arrived on scene and found Larkin in the residence and he was ordered out of the residence. He did not comply after a few attempts and after he jerked away from police, he was struck with a taser. He then complied with police and he was taken into custody.

Larkin denies that he hit his girlfriend and told police that she allegedly hit him. Larkin was checked for injuries related to the taser application. He has preliminary charges of Strangulation, Domestic Battery and Resisting Law Enforcement. The incident report has been forwarded to the Pulaski County Prosecutor’s Office requesting formal charges.