Margie Green Passes Away at the Age of 91

Margie Green

The widow of Starke County’s longest-serving mailman passed away over the weekend.

Margie Green died Saturday at the age of 91.  The Knox Post Office was named for her late husband, Grant Green, who served as a Knox mailman for 50 years prior to his retirement in 1970.

Margie had conducted a Kindergarten in her home before the public schools offered such a program, then started the Knox Kindergarten program under Superintendent Ralph Harbison.

After retiring from the Knox Schools, she started a new career at the age of 70 as the Starke County Voter Registration Officer for which she was named Indiana Voter Registration Official of the Year in 2005.

She is survived by three children, including Knox resident Becky Welter, 13 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren and one great, great grandchild.  She was preceded in death by two daughters and one granddaughter.

Funeral services will be 11:00 a.m. CT Tuesday at the Braman and Son Memorial Chapel in Knox with visitation today from 4:00-8:00 p.m.

Ted Hayes shares these thoughts:

“Her walls were not adorned by certificates and plaques that would attest her place in the community.  She didn’t need them, she probably would have been a little embarrassed by the public recognition and being pushed into the limelight.  She intuitively knew that working behind the scenes could be more rewarding.”

“What she had she carried inside.  Her later years could be filled with memories of hundreds of children she taught.  She could picture the shy children who came alive when she praised their effort, the children who blossomed when she put her arm around them.”

“Many of those children have gone on to receive awards in life and remember the day she said, ‘You know you are special, and don’t ever forget it.’  And they responded to her because Margie Green really believed that they were special. ”

“To her family, my condolences.  Her’s was truly a life well lived.”

Ted Hayes