Senator Ed Charbonneau Speaks to 21st Century Scholars in Knox

State Senator Ed Charbonneau

State Senator Ed Charbonneau was in Knox last night to speak at the 21st Century Scholars ceremony.

“This is a very exciting program that provides college tuition for four years at a state college or university, and an equivalent amount if a student wants to go to a private school,” said Senator Charbonneau. “What this does is remove the worry that a young family might have of how they’re going to pay for their child’s college education.”

The scholarships are based on income levels, but the only criteria is that the students conduct themselves in a positive manner through high school.

“The citizens of the state are saying let’s make a deal. In your part of the deal, seventh and eighth graders, you will be taking a pledge to be a good student.”

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall was present to present the oath to the students.