Three Arrested in Pulaski County on Methamphetamine Charges

Tammy Wright
Shana Bailey

Three individuals were arrested in Pulaski County Friday on methamphetamine-related charges following a traffic stop near 314 South Monticello Street in Winamac.

At 1:45 a.m., an officer from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department was parked at NAPA in Winamac when he noticed a white Oldsmobile Alero drive past with a license plate that was not illuminated. The officer activated his emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop. When he approached the vehicle and requested identification, he noticed the three occupants showed an “unusual amount of nervousness, rapid excited speech, made furtive movements and had a dirty, un-bathed appearance.” When he asked if there were any illegal drugs in the vehicle, the passengers said no, but he noticed a box of aluminum foil under the driver’s leg.

The passengers were identified as Shana Bailey of Royalton, Ky., Michael Wright of North Judson, and Tammy Wright of Knox. The officer asked the driver of the vehicle, Bailey, if he could search the car, and she consented.

During his search, the officer found a white purse with a wallet inside. When he opened the side zippered compartment, the deputy found a clear plastic baggy corner, tied in a knot, with an off-white powdery substance believed to be methamphetamine. The item was field tested and returned positive for methamphetamine. Also found was a Walmart receipt, from the same day, for the purchase of Coleman fuel, as well as an empty AA lithium battery package inside passenger compartment, and four full AA lithium battery packages in the trunk.

The deputy also found prescription bottles belonging to Tammy Wright and Michael Wright that were filled on December 22nd.

When Bailey was asked to turn out her pockets, she reportedly dropped a clear plastic baggy, tied in a knot, with an off-white powdery substance that, again, proved to be methamphetamine.

Tammy Wright and Bailey face preliminary charges of Dealing Methamphetamine as an A felony, and Maintaining a Common Nuisance as a B misdemeanor. Michael Wright was booked in for Visiting a Common Nuisance as a B misdemeanor.

When checking pseudoephedrine purchase logs, Haley found that all three suspects had purchased pseudoephedrine at Walgreen’s in Plymouth on Dec. 22.