West Central School Board Discusses Insurance Costs

The West Central School Board discussed insurance costs at their meeting last week.

“I just brought up the fact that the State has mandated that we do a self study as far as the amount of funds that our Corporation puts towards the employee’s premium,” said Superintendent Charles Mellon. “That has to be compared to what a state employee is receiving from the State towards their premium. As the mandate states, or the law, you can not pay more than 112% of what the State pays its employee. If you do, then you’re either encouraged to join the State Health Plan or to join a consortium or to make other changes within your corporation locally.”

Mellon was asked what the Corporation is paying for insurance rates.

“We have 120 employees that take health insurance, that is certified staff as well as non-certified staff, so when you take that average, we were only at 65% of what the State pays. We are well under the guidelines and we have to make no adjustments.”