North Judson Town Board Receives Fire Department Update, Independent Audit to be Conducted

Fire Chief Joe Leszek approached the North Judson Town Council and informed them that the hose training for the department was completed in December and everything is up-to-date. However, Leszek had some bad news for the board: Firefighter Todd Jackson was injured on the job recently. He refused medical treatment at the scene as the injury was not life-threatening; however, his injury worsened over the next day and he required medical attention. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said she will follow up with a workman’s compensation inquiry.

The council also discussed the possibility of conducting an independent audit. Henry told the council that it is recommended by the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns to have an independent audit conducted as soon as possible, but Board Member Jane Ellen Felchuk disagreed, saying she felt it might not be necessary, especially when considering the cost. Previously, the cost for an independent audit was about $2,500, and is usually done every two years. A motion was made by Board member Tim Cummins to have an independent audit conducted, and it was approved.