Central Time Zone Talk Stalls in Legislature

The latest push to move all of Indiana to the Central time zone has stalled after lawmakers decided not to vote on the measure, effectively killing the issue until next year.

The House Transportation Committee discussed a resolution this week that would have urged the federal government to hold hearings on switching the entire state from Eastern time to Central time. Members of the Central Time Coalition argued that moving the state to Central time would help businesses that deal with Chicago and the West Coast.

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon said the school board members heard a presentation by a community member about Central Time during their recent meeting.

“We did listen to his comments and he had a lot of the data that we had seen before,” stated Mellon. “We did not have any action on the topic. I think locally we’re still thinking that’s an individual decision. It’s not really a school board decision as such. I guess what we would like to see is the State put it on the ballot and let everyone have their say and then go from there.”