Final Vote on Right to Work Bill Expected Today

Indiana Statehouse

The Right to Work Bill has come down to one last vote to take place today, and the outcome is all but certain. If the bill is passed, Indiana will be the only state in the industrial Midwest with this kind of law.

The bill, House Bill 1001, is almost guaranteed to pass on Wednesday, since an identical bill was approved by the Senate earlier this year, 28-22, and Senate President Pro Tem David Long is confident he has the votes necessary for the bill to pass.

Attempts to amend the bill were made, but failed as the first was defeated on a 14-36 vote, and the others just as unsuccessful. It’s argued that if Indiana adopts the law, unions’ financial footing and negotiating power will be reduced, but Governor Mitch Daniels will soon have the opportunity to sign this bill that he says could expand the number of opportunities Indiana has to attract businesses.