Republicans Looking for Super Majority in Indiana Government

Mike Pence

The state Democrat Party is in danger of losing even more seats in the 2012 General Election. Twelve Democrats have announced that they will not be running for the offices they hold now. One of them is Democrat Nancy Dembowski, of Knox.

According to the most recent Howey Political Report, the Republicans only need to pick up seven seats to have a Super Majority in the House. They already have a Super Majority in the Senate. Howey even said Republicans could end up with 70 of the 100 House seats.

With Congressman Mike Pence emerging as a very strong Gubernatorial candidate, the Republicans could be in the enviable position of having a clear path to whatever they want to enact in the next session of the legislature.

“Let me say that will be up to the voters,” said Pence. “I worked hard over the last several elections to make sure that we had a solid Republican Majority in the House as well as we have historically in the Senate. I think that laid a foundation for the kind of reforms that we have been able to see enacted – both in regard to fiscal restraint, growth, education reform and now workplace freedom. If I have the opportunity to serve as Governor, we’re going to work with people in both political parties for the best interest of the people of Indiana.”

Pence explains what, if elected, his first priority would be in his first term in office.

“I think job creation has to be job one for the next Governor of the State of Indiana. The great news is that I think Indiana has laid down a foundation of fiscal responsibility and reform of the workplace and of our schools that will give us the opportunity, I believe, not just to lead the Midwest in job creation and in growth, but maybe one of the leading states in the country that regard.”