Starke County Tourism Board Reorganizes

Julie Dessauer

The Starke County Tourism Board, which has been in the news recently surrounding a misappropriation of funds incident, has recently reorganized.

Taking over the President’s position is Julie Dessauer. Dessauer replaces Rich Wieczorek. Other board officers are Vice President John Hensler, Secretary Thom Morin, and Treasurer Tabitha Dillner. Wieczorek remains on the board as a voting member, but not an officer.

The board is attempting to set up a check writing system that would better safeguard the funds. According to Dessauer, Tabitha Dilner, Thom Morin, Jim Shilling and Dessauer are the only ones who can sign checks now.

In the wake of the misappropriation of money, county officials have demanded a better accounting of funds. Last week, the Starke County Council put a freeze on the Innkeepers Tax until the members are assured that a financial system is put into place to properly oversee the finances used by Starke County Tourism.