Today is the Last Day to File for Candidacy for May Primary

Today is the last day to file for candidacy in the May Primary Election.

Several contested races have already surfaced for the Primary Election. In Starke County, Linda Belork and Kasey Clark, both Democrat candidates, have filed for Treasurer. Democrats Dan Bridegroom and Joseph Woods have filed for County Commissioner District 3.

In Pulaski County, a race has developed for the County Commisisoner District 1 seat. Republicans Kenneth R. Boswell and Terry L. Young have filed on the Republican ticket. Boswell is the incumbent Commissioner and is currently serving as a Democrat, but he has filed for the Republican nomination for the 2012 Election. Pulaski County Clerk Tasha Foerg said that this is legal. He is a Republican candidate, but the Democrat Chairman signed the proper paperwork to allow him to run as a Democrat in 2008.

Republican Pulaski County Commissioner, Michael Troy “Big Mike” Tiede will have opposition in the May Primary election. Republican Larry L. Brady will challenge Tiede for the District 2 seat.

You have until Noon today to file for candidacy in the May Primary Election.