Starke County Election Board Discusses Handicap Accessibility

Starke County Clerk Evelyn Skronski

The Starke County Election Board met this week. Clerk Evelyn Skronski, a board member, talked about the agenda items discussed.

“We’ve got our absentee hours set, and we’ve got all of our full training hours set, and the county chairs are working on getting their poll workers,” said Skronski.

Some polling places needed upgrades in handicapped parking and accessibility.

“We talked about what we need to get done for handicap-accessible precincts, so we’re going to do that,” said Skronski.

To help upgrade handicapped accessibility Mrs. Skronski said they received a grant.

“I recieved a $10,000 grant from the Help America Vote Act, to be used for making sure the polling places are all handicap-accessible– signage, painting of parking places, repairing or repaving some of the parking lots,” Skronski said.

Absentee voting begins Monday April 9th. And the travel board will go out April 28 through May 7th. The May 7th. board will only go out until noon.