Starke County Woman Arrested after Alleged Threat

A Knox woman was arrested Thursday after she allegedly threatened to kill someone.

Starke County Police were called to a residence in reference to an intimidation incident. Samantha Hansel told police that Shelly Ziemba invited her over to her house where she reportedly proceeded to display unusual behavior and act inappropriately toward her. Hansel told police that Ziemba tried to force her to drink an entire bottle of alcohol and she tried on more than one occasion to leave the residence but was not successful. When she did finally leave the residence, Ziemba allegedly ran after her and threatened to kill her. She ran back to her friend’s home and the police were notified and told of the incident.

Police arrived at Ziemba’s residence and she refused to come out of the house when the officers commanded her to do so. The officers could see her in the house and when they saw that she was without any weapons, they entered the residence and took her into custody. Officers noted in the report that Ziemba appeared to be intoxicated.

She was arrested on preliminary charges of Criminal Confinement, Intimidation and Resisting Law Enforcement.