Wastewater Treatment Facility Presentation Given to Knox City Council

Kelly Clemons presents the board with a history of the Wastewater Treatment facility

A one hundred year history of the sewer system and treatment plant was presented this week at the Knox City Council meeting. Wastewater Superintendent, Kelly Clemons, gave a map and pictorial history of the time period from 1911 through 2011.

Of course there was no treatment plant in the early 1900’s as all waste was deposited into the Yellow River. Numerous sewers were added in 1936, and wastewater was discharged in an area where the T-ball fields are located in Wythogan Park. The first treatment plant was erected in 1942.

“The City’s first Wastewater Treatment facility was constructed in 1942,” said Clemons. “It was funded by the FWA. The first treatment plant consisted of a pump house, primary tank and drying beds.”

Clemons took the council from discharging into the Yellow River through reed beds, and UV disinfection systems.

There were upgrades in 1963, 1973, 1980 and 2010.

Clemons said that on the drawing board in 2012 is an upgrade of the Clabaugh Lift Station.