Harlem Wizards Give Knox Band Boosters A Boost

The Harlem Wizards basketball team brings their high octane form of Hoops to Knox tonight to help raise funds for the Knox Band Boosters. The money raised will be used to fund a trip to Florida by the Knox High School Band.

Opposing players taking part in the game will include, among others, WKVI Morning Man Tom Berg. Berg has been saving himself for just this moment.

“I haven’t played basketball since 6th grade intramural. Warm up shots, maybe, but I haven’t played competitive basketball in a long time,” Berg said.

Though it’s been a while, Berg says he still remembers how to play the game.

“Let’s see, you have to bounce, take a couple of steps, bounce again, take another couple of steps, and every once in a while, you have to pass the ball to somebody else,” Berg said.