Health Forum Scheduled for Tonight

The second session in a community-wide forum on health will be held tonight from 5:00-8:00 p.m. CT at the Bass Lake Property Owners Association Building.  In the first session, four priority opportunities for improving health and preparing Starke County for a radically different health and jobs economy of the next generation were discussed. They included job readiness initiatives, county-wide healthy adult living initiative, healthy kids initiative, and healthy early childhood initiative.

The task force tonight will agree on several activities and outcomes that will align with the priorities just mentioned.

The group will also try to agree on the immediate action steps that will produce the desired outcomes, and agree on how best to organize around health and to move forward.

Many new approaches will be discussed on how to move Starke County from its current 90th ranking among Indiana counties to a much more favorable ranking.

Even if you did not attend the first forum, you are welcome to attend tonight’s session. Please RSVP your attendance plans to Sarah Hoshaw at