Jerry Nenycz Named Indiana Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year

Jerry Nenycz

A 1999 Knox High School Graduate is the Indiana Non Commissioned Officer of the Year. Staff Sergeant Jerry Nenycz, of Plymouth, won the honor in head-to-head competition with eight other soldiers. Nenycz was asked about the competition.

“I went through a preliminary a month ago, then last weekend I went to state competition and won the right to represent my state at Regional at Camp Grayling, Michigan,” Nenycz said.

We asked Nenycz if he wins at the Regional would it mean going on to the national competition.

“Yes, if I win the Regional I’ll go to the National. The regional competition takes in seven mid-western states. Ultimately there will be one overall winner for the Army.”

Jerry Nenycz, a Knox High School graduate, went on to Manchester College after graduation and played baseball and football there. After running low on funds, he decided at the age of 20 to enlist in the National Guard. In 2004-2005, he served a one year tour in Afghanistan. We asked Jerry about that tour.

“Well I’m an infantryman, and during my tour I participated in patrols in and around the capital of Kabul. Mostly I participated in raids and combat security.”

Nenycz is now a recruiter for the National Guard. He is assigned to two high schools in South Bend, Clay and Riley, but if anyone from our listening area wanted to talk to him, his office is in the Mishawaka Town and Country Plaza and he’s also on Facebook. We asked Jerry what he tells perspective recruits.

“I grew up in very humble beginnings. For me it gave me opportunities I would never had. The Guard pays up to 100% of your college tuition. I can tell you after being in the service I have become more well-rounded. It’s given me a clear focus of what I want to do.”

He’s working toward a 20 year retirement from the Armed Forces and he’s halfway there. While he loves his job, there’s another love in Jerry’s life and that’s music. We’ll tell you about his aspirations in that area tomorrow.