New Business Locating to Knox

Attorney Ed Volk and Tommy Shelef field questions about Selected Furniture

Over the past several weeks, rumors have floated around Knox that a furniture manufacturing plant will be locating here. Those rumors have been confirmed. Selected Furniture will be moving to Knox from China. The deal was closed last night when the Knox City Council passed two resolutions: one for economic revitalization and the other on benefits for tax abatement.

The plant that most recently housed the Rockwell plant has been purchased by Selected Furniture with 25 employees being hired soon.

Tommy Shelef, Managing Director of Selected Furniture, talked about the company last night at the council meeting.

“My family started manufacturing commercial grade furniture in 1952,” said Shelef. “In the early 1970’s, my father opened a factory in China. In 2003, I incorporated Selected Furniture and I came back home and here we are today.”

Shelef was asked about the company’s customers and products.

“It’s commercial-grade furniture for bars, hotels and restaurants. We sell nationwide and are a dealer-oriented company. We’re not selling to direct end users. We have customers that are major chain accounts like KFC, Burger King and Hiatt Hotels.”

We asked him when the first furniture will be produced at the new factory.

“It’s hard to tell. Equipment is being brought in from overseas and Chicago. I would say 90 days – at least that’s what we’re hoping.”

Shelef said the long term plan is to ultimately expand to 125 jobs.