Operation Quiet Comfort Raises $5000

Operation Quiet Comfort was a huge success this week in Plymouth. The fundraiser attracted over 300 people to the Memories Reception Hall for dinner and a program.

The speaker for the evening was Jan Houin who told the story of the organization which is part of a larger nationwide group, whose purpose is to provide blankets, clothing items and other articles of comfort in a care-type package to wounded soldiers.

The event raised $5000.

In her presentation, Houin read letters from servicemen who had received the articles from Plymouth, including one soldier who had lost an arm in battle saying he most appreciated the “warm socks.” Another commented on how the “blocks”
on the homemade blankets had lifted her spirits during a long recovery period.

On the “blocks” were messages of appreciation for their service to their country, and how a grateful nation has them in their thoughts and prayers

Also honored was the medical staff that tends to the needs of the injured.

Houin thanked all who attended and supported the organization.