Starke County Legacy of Women to Offer Grants

The Starke County Legacy of Women organization is offering grants to women in the community to attend a leadership event or conference.

“This is our second year that the Legacy of Women is providing grants for women in our county to hopefully have them go either for conferences or plan a retreat,” stated member Sheri Bartoli. “We’re asking them then to bring the ideas back to the community.”

We asked Bartoli about the grants that were awarded last year.

“Last year we did provide two leadership grants. One was to Dorothy Osinski who went for a leadership conference for the Chamber of Commerce, and Kathy Dedloff who attended as a Board of Directors Member for Bella Vita.”

The deadline for ladies to apply for a grant is May 28th and you can apply by calling the Northern Indiana Community Foundation at (877) 432-6423 or click here.