Yellowstone Trail Planning Committee to Meet

The Yellowstone Trail Fest Planning Committee will be meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Holy Cross Church, 100 S. Starke Street, in Hamlet, on Thursday, April 12th.

This year, the 100th Anniversary of the Yellowstone Trail will be celebrated. The trail was an early automobile route from Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound. The dates are August 17th-19th. Hamlet celebrates the fact that the town was on the Yellowstone Trail.

Father Spanley talked about people who have traveled the trail during the last fest.

“We had motorcycles last year that planned their route according to the trail, and they went over it as part of their ride,” said Father Spanley.

Father Spanley talks about the agenda for the April 12th meeting.

“Well, we’ve got to get different events lined up, such as entertainment. Of course, we’ve got to get people to run those other things too.”

Father Spanley is Pastor of Holy Cross Church in Hamlet and the St. Dominic Church in Koontz Lake. Audrey Wood is the President of the Yellowstone Trail Committee.