Graffiti Investigation Leads to Juvenile Vandal

A juvenile was questioned after a vandalism incident in the Francesville area.

On May 7, Pulaski County deputies were contacted about graffiti on several businesses in Francesville. The word “DOSOS” was written on several buildings in the area and deputies spoke to several business owners and citizens regarding the vandalism.

Police received more information about the graffiti incident and spoke to one juvenile who said that he and his friend spray-painted a semi trailer and the Knapp Tire building. He said he left his friend and returned home, but more vandalism was reported the next day.

The suspect was identified and, when questioned, he reportedly admitted to vandalizing over 20 buildings and property in Francesville. The word “DOSOS” was the name of a gang he knew in the South Bend area.

The juvenile was released to his mother. This case has been forwarded to the Pulaski County Prosecutor for further review.