Knox Incoming Third Graders Receive Summer Packet

The Knox third grade teachers sent home a special packet with next year’s incoming third graders to help keep them reading during their summer break. Director of Curriculum and Instruction Peggy Shidaker explained that these packets contain fun activities for students.

“They sent home a little bag that says ‘I Read, Therefore I Succeed,’” explained Shidaker. “Every second grader, 153 of these students, last week carried home this bag and in this bag there was a letter to their parents explaining the entire program. Through the collaboration of our third grade teachers, they filled this bag with fun activities for our students to do in both reading and math.”

Shidaker talks about one of the activities included in their bag.

“For instance, they sent home a Bingo sheet and the students can do different activities across the Bingo sheet and with their parents’ help, they will keep track of it all summer long,” said Shidaker. “For every time they Bingo, when they come back to school in August, they will receive a small little prize. If they fill the entire sheet, we’ll send them home with a new book.”

That wasn’t the only activity or prize in that bag.

“Every child received a book this summer to read. There’s also some tips for the parents to help their child read every day,” said Shidaker. “Through the collaboration with our local library, they sent home a recommended reading list for all incoming third graders.”

Shidaker encourages all students to keep reading during the summer. She says research has shown that it’s literacy skills that help our children succeed.